Leopoldo López

Leopoldo López is a Venezuelan politician and founder of the Voluntad Popular party. In 2014 Lopez called for peaceful protests of the Venezuelan government’s failure to respond to high levels of urban violence, inflation, and chronic shortages of basic goods. Lopez was sentenced to 13 years in prison on trumped up politically motivated charges of arson and conspiracy. Lopez has received multiple awards from various NGOs for his activism. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has called for the release of those arrested in connection with the Venezuelan protests.

Illustration by Katie King Rumford


Much of Venezuelan art was originally created for religious purposes, but the topics have expanded amidst political turmoil and revolution in a historically and culturally diverse country. In order to best represent López, a man of the people, it seemed appropriate to find inspiration from the people. Street art is used as a form of education and political expression, a continuation of the rich artistic history of Venezuela. Vibrant and bold colors paired with geometric patterns reflect much of the modern values and street art.

Total Area
916,445 km2 (33rd)


Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic

31,884,271 (44th)


$15,891 per capita