Grace Mera Molisa

Grace Mera Molisa was a ni-Vanuatu politician, poet, and women’s rights advocate. She campaigned for equal rights for women in politics and was the first woman from Vanuatu to achieve a university degree. She is regarded as “a vanguard for Melanesian culture and a voice of the ni-Vanuatu, especially women”. She founded Vanuatu Women in Politics, a group that helped women enter politics. She published three volumes of poems which are described as “biting social commentary on life in patriarchal, post-colonial Vanuatu.”

Illustration by Johnny Selman


The art of Vanuatu is rooted in it’s traditional practices which remain strong despite over a century of colonial influence. Sand painting is very prevalent among ni-Vanuatu people and is an art form recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The ni-Vanuatu artist will compose expressive and linear compositions in the sand with a single finger.

Total Area
12,190 km2 (161st)


Unitary Parliamentary Republic

261,629 (179th)

Port Vila

$4,916 per capita