Ahmed Mansoor

Ahmed Mansoor is an engineer and member of the Human Rights Watch organization. He was one of the “UAE Five” who were arrested in 2011 for speaking out in opposition to the UAE government. Mansoor in particular was punished for signing a pro-democracy petition. The “UAE Five” eventually received a pardon after serving partial sentences although Mansoor’s passport was revoked and he cannot freely leave the UAE. Since his release, Mansoor has continued to speak out against human rights abuses in his country and in 2015 he was selected as the Laureate for the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders.

Illustration by Albert Chang

United Arab

The art of the United Arab Emirates is a diverse mix of influences drawing from traditional Arab cultures along with influences from Iran, India, Pakistan, and East Africa. This portrait of Ahmed Mansoor takes its color scheme from the Emirati flag, and is constructed using the flowing calligraphic lines characteristic of aniconic artwork.

Total Area
83,600 km2 (116th)

Emirati, Emirian, Emiri

Constitutional Monarchy; Federation of 7 Hereditary Monarchies

10,469,521 (93rd)

Abu Dhabi

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