Victor Ochen

Despite growing up in a camp for internally displaced people, losing family, and living through countless war-related atrocities which have plagued Uganda for the majority of his life, Victor Ochen strived to find ways to educate himself as an alternative to violence. At the age of 25, Victor founded the African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET), an organization that works with victims of the war to deliver health assistance and promote social tolerance and forgiveness as well as calling for justice for the victims. In 2015 Victor became the first Ugandan nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Illustration by Albert Chang


Ugandan art harkens back to the numerous traditions and tribes of the area. This portrait of Victor Ochen is influenced by the delicate linework of Batik paintings, where wax-resistant dyes are applied on different textiles and animal skins. Because of the constant warfare in the area, Ugandan artists are often short of creative supplies for their work. The disparate elements that compose Victor Ochen’s portrait are representative of the makeshift techniques artists in the region have adopted.

Total Area
241,038 km2 (81st)


Dominant-Party Semi-Presidential Republic

42,196,129 (35th)


$2,071 per capita