Hasan Kara

Hasan Kara is the mayor of Kilis, a Turkish city bordering Syria which was nominated in 2016 for a Nobel Peace Prize as an example of hospitality and human rights protection that the world should recognize. Over the course of the Syrian Civil War under Kara’s direction, Kilis, a town of 90,000 has welcomed over 120,000 Syrians into their community. Kilis has allowed the refugees to set up their own business and the locals share their jobs, homes, trades and social spaces with the Syrian people. Kara’s efforts in Kilis have been praised by the U.S. and other nations around the world.

Illustration by Anne Di Lillo


Ebru (cloud, cloudy) or Abru (water face) is the technique of paper marbling that Turks have practiced since the 16th century. Kitre (gum tragacanth) is mixed with water in a shallow container. A horsehair brush is used to add insoluble inks to the surface of the liquid. These are swirled into intricate designs and patterns. A piece of paper is placed on top of the liquid –immediately transferring the design. The dyes and inks used are often mineral based, and given the region’s bounty of these natural resources, a broad range of colors are seen in these designs.

Total Area
783,356 km2 (37th)


Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic

79,800,853 (18th)


$21,198 per capita