Rachael Chagonja

Racheal Chagonja is a young Tanzanian student who is an environmental and peace activist. She founded the K-Project for Peace to oppose uranium mining and nuclear weapons as well as raising public awareness in Africa of the severe humanitarian threat uranium mining poses. In 2015 Racheal along with other activists climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (hence K-Project) as a symbolic statement that the difficult climb towards a world free of nuclear weapons can be achieved by this generation.

Illustration by Katie King Rumford


Tanzania has a rich history of wood carving that serves as both as art to stimulate income, but also as a part of cultural history and rituals. The sculptural portrait was inspired by the Makonde ebony wood “Mapiko” masks. Facial tattoos were once considered sacred and flourished among Tanzanians, but the art form has faded away. The designs are of Tanzanian vegetation, while the chevrons symbolize Racheal’s symbol for peace, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Total Area
365,756 km2 (31st)


Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic

54,815,373 (29th)


$3,080 per capita