Mehrengar Bahranova

Mehrenegar Bahranova is a Tajik ambassador of peace. After civil war claimed both of her parent’s lives, a young Bahranova began working in a Soviet sewing factory where she began to advocate for women in the workplace. As war continued to loom over Tajikistan, Bahranova helped to employ widows and used resulting incomes to help fund an orphanage in her hometown that served as a safe place for women and children. In 2015, Mehrenegar was honored as the co-recipient of the 4th Simorgh International Peace Prize in recognition of her life-time of humanitarian service.

Illustration by Johnny Selman


Embroidery is the most prominent of the Tajik arts that has prevailed through the ages. The suzani is a type of large-scale embroidered textile, usually hung on the wall playing a significant role in the decoration of Tajik homes. The suzani, which is the Persian word for “needlework”, is usually made from silk and cotton, using a particular needle unique to the region. The tapestries are known for their expressive ornamental patterns and vibrant contrasting colors.

Total Area
143,100 km2 (98th)


Dominant-party presidential republic

8,648,787 (98th)


$2,247 per capita