Patrizia Busignani

Patrizia Busignani is a Sammarinese politician who served as President of the Partito Socialista Unitario political party before being elected to a term as Captain Regent of San Marino. After serving her term as head of state, Busignani worked as the Chief of the Parliamentary Group of Socialists for Reforms as well as several other socially democratic organizations. In 2006, Patrizia together with the Council of Europe began organizing the PanEuropean Campaign to Combat Violence Against Women. The initiative launched in San Marino promoting cooperation between various agencies, awareness and increased health and social assistance services to aid women who had suffered physical or mental abuse. Busignani devoted herself to a message of prevention by directly engaging the students of San Marino High School and the University of San Marino.

Illustration by Katie King Rumford

San Marino

The nation is said to have been founded in the fourth century by San Marino, the Holy stonemason. Much of the country’s ancient architecture is built out of stone and has many stone relief carvings hidden in its winding, steep streets. Patrizia Busignani’s portrait was inspired by the relief carving of Saint Marino in Piazza del Titano. The durable nature of stone and it’s ability to outlast and stand amidst chaos pay tribute to Patrizia’s efforts to protect and empower women.

Total Area
61 km2 (222nd)


Unitary parliamentary directorial republic


City of San Marino

$35,928 (24th)